Ways to Prevent or Eliminate Back Pain

Ways to Prevent or Eliminate Back Pain

Back pain and neck pain many times are a result of bad posture and body mechanics.  This blog post will give you a basic outline of the principles of body mechanics and posture.  You also can come and visit us in our office for an evaluation and specialized program.  The goal will be that using these body mechanics will result in your body learning and ultimately becoming naturally used to being in a “normal” or proper posture.

The human spine consists of the neck or cervical spine, the mid-back or the thoracic spine, the lower back or the lumbar spine, the bottom triangular flat part called the sacrum and the lowest part which is the coccyx or commonly known as the tail bone.  We humans being bipedal, that is we walk on two legs tend to be more susceptible to back pain.

Proper Techniques to Eliminate Back Pain

Proper Reaching When Sitting

Do not slump the upper back or extend the neck to reach, instead hinge at the top of the hip joint and shift the weight forward so that you work form your body’s core.

Proper Overhead Reaching When Standing

Follow the hands with the eyes. The key is that the arms and neck move together to avoid compression in the lower back and neck.

Push-Pull Activities

When pushing an object or pulling on something make sure to maintain a neutral position of the lumbar spine and avoid arching your back or flexing it too much.

Principles Of Lifting

When you lift something this activity requires strong upper and lower extremeties as well as core muscle contraction. The key muscle groups required for lifting are the quadriceps which are the thigh muscles, the gluteal muscles or buttocks, your core muscles and arm muscles.