Hip flexors as a source of neck/ back pain

Life as we live today is so centered on sitting that it has caused muscle tightness in areas of the body which puts undue stress on different joints of the body leading to neck and back pains, headaches, hip pains. Sitting is the new “smoking”!

 I recently treated some neck pain patients who only started improving  after we had treated their tight abdominal muscles or hip flexors.

We perform myo-fascial release for the hip flexors which is very effective in resolving chronic back pain issues

We recently had a young female -21 years of age who presented with neck pain after a whiplash injury in a car accident. She was not responding to traditional physical therapy techniques for releasing neck muscles. We started looking at the entire kinetic chain of the body. We found she had severely tight abdominal muscles. After receiving just 1 treatment of myofascial release for these muscles , her neck pain started resolving. We of course coupled this treatment with postural correction and core exercises and successfully discharged her with a home exercise program.

We run a back-education program for them that involves a detailed bio-mechanical analysis of posture and finding out the weak link.

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