Camarillo Physical Therapy Patient Testimonials


“I don’t often write reviews, but Camarillo Physical Therapy is unique. I’ve had 4 sports related surgeries in the past 10 years, each followed by physical therapy at a different location. All but one were very good, but none provided the level of effectiveness, commitment, and personalized service that Sage has. No one else has combined such knowledge of anatomy with diagnostic and therapeutic ability. I’ve not only fully recovered from my knee surgery, but have improved my posture and balance to reduce stress on the knee and other areas. I’m 68 years old and playing softball again 6 weeks after surgery, and thanks to Sage, I’m more agile and flexible than before.”

– Edward M.


“If you have a problem with chronic pain, neuropathy, or just want to help yourself get back on your feet after a surgery or physical injury, Sejal is absolutely the best. She is not only a good listener but an amazing physical therapist and teacher. Sejal takes the time to figure out exactly what is causing the pain and then gives her patients 100%. She is not the type of therapist that will treat her patients ad infinitum…her patients get better because she gets to the root of the problem.  As an acupuncturist,  I have referred many of my patients to her over the years and everyone gives her rave reviews. With over 16 years of experience in orthopedic rehabilitation, her knowledge and expertise shows.”

– Jennifer F.

“Dr. Sadoughi,

This is bar none, the most staggeringly amazing Physical Therapist I’ve ever known. Her knowledge and approach has been more thorough and individual than any MD , PhD, or PT that I’ve seen to date.

After the initial consultation, she began physically examining me to find out what she could in my body. What she found was absolutely startling. Because of my 2 back surgeries and the incredible pain that I came in with, she started with my abdomen/core and discovered a large knot or scar tissue “ball” in my core that I could feel the moment she found it. She began gently massaging it out (which took approx. 45 mins) which immediately gave me some relief. She showed me how to do it to myself to also help to break down the huge scar on my stomach from surgery. She sent me home with one remarkable stretch that felt A-mazing even though I am already super limber (and that’s what’s thrown off previous doctors).

Next session she went after my groin pain. I could barely stand having her work on the muscles coming down my inner thighs as they were that tight, but she got it worked down again. She sent me home again with originally different stretches, but not enough to be overwhelming. She doesn’t expect her patients to do an unrealistic amount of stretching or exercise especially coming in as bad of shape as I have. Others PT’s have.

Now she’s addressing the bursitis. Starting at the hip and working down my outer thigh, she finally found the source of a major part of my thigh/knee and bursitis pain which was a knot deep in the fascia that was about the size of a golf ball. When she manually couldn’t get it out, she literally suctioned it loose using a form of cupping. When I left, my leg almost felt wiggly as it was so loose! I can finally walk without my legs feeling stiff and painful.

After only 8 sessions, I’m now productive ALL day (instead of half days), and have not taken a muscle relaxer for over a week now (which is a first in over 3 yrs)!  I finally feel hope.

Please recommend Camarillo Physical Therapy and Sage to your patients.”

– J.M.

“Sejal helped my mom feel better instantly with her chronic arthritis problem. Though my mom had originally only requested her fingers to be looked at, she later also mentioned her pain in the shoulder as well as her knees. Sejal was extremely kind and right on spot to understand and evaluate my mom’s pain! She massaged and bandaged her fingers and suggested simple everyday exercise that were age friendly to my mom (she is 70+) and  helped her alleviate all the other arthritis related pain. She is very practical minded understanding patients’ needs and helping them get better soon. My mom and me are very lucky and grateful to Sejal for what she has done to my mom. She has also helped my husband with his chronic arm and wrist pain due to computer use. I highly recommend her as a physical therapist.”

– Namita S.

“My doctor suggested physical therapy for chronic headaches.  After a single visit, I am no longer waking up with a headache every morning.  How is this possible???  The words AWESOME and THE BEST are not sufficient to describe the time she takes, her incredible knowledge, and her ability to heal.  She takes the time to listen to the patient to determine the best modality of treatment.  It is not a “one size fits all” mentality.  Instead, it is very individualized to the issues and to each person.  Her knowledge of the human body and her ability to communicate in a way I can understand is phenomenal.   And, Daniella, who works with Sejal, is equally caring and compassionate.  Did I mention it is easy to find and parking is never a problem?  I would never go to anyone else for physical therapy after meeting her.  No comparison to previous therapists I have used.  Am thrilled to have found her.”

– S W

“The problem with Sage is she is too good!  She ends up having to discharge her patients. If you are getting nowhere with epidurals, painkillers and other physical therapy come to Sage. She helped me with a problem I had for months in two visits.”

– Jean K