Medicare Certified Physical Therapy

Camarillo Physical Therapy is one of the few Medicare-certified Physical Therapy clinics providing premium individual care to our senior population. We offer treatment for a wide range of conditions from hip and knee replacement rehabilitation, arthritis, degenerative disc disease to balance rehab .  Our office is easy to enter with no steps.

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Pain Management & Therapy

Back pain,neck pain, arthritic pain, joint pain like your shoulder, can be very debilitating. We treat acute as well as chronic pain. We are certified in Kinesiotaping which will reduce acute swelling and pain of all sorts. We have infrared laser therapy for soft tissue injuries and skilled Myofascial release techniques for rapid pain reduction.

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Injury Diagnosis & Therapy

We love treating athletes of all ages.  From the 8 year old soccer player to the 70 year old basketball player. We specialize in kinesiotaping and biomechanical evaluations of the athlete. The goal is to not only treat the injury but find the actual reason/perpetrating factor of the injury. Our solid core-stabilization program will make you stronger, reduce injury and improve your performance.

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Our Mission

When you walk into Camarillo Physical Therapy you are not just “one of the patients” we see. Each person gets one on one customized care with a detailed evaluation of your condition. We believe that during rehabilitation, the patient should be educated by their therapist in order to be able to maintain maximum flexibility and pain-free living long after our work ends. Our physical therapists are very diligent in their continuing education to bring the best quality of physical therapy in Camarillo.

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Next Steps…

Call us today at 805-383-0470 to schedule an appointment, evaluation or to ask us a question.  You may also fill out a contact form by clicking on the contact button.

The problem with Sage is she is too good!  She ends up having to discharge her patients.  If you are getting nowhere with epidurals, painkillers and other physical therapy come to Sage.   She helped me with a problem I had for months in two visits. Jean K